Snapchat becomes one of the most commonly used chat

This is one of the most frequently used applications from the year 2014 and is that the privacy provided by Snapchat allows the user to be in a more secure environment but it is not 100% private since there are some techniques that can capture images or conversations you have using this tool.

Snapchat becomes one of the most commonly used chat

With more than 100 million downloads Snapchat has become a fad mainly in teen people which want to have a system of quality messaging and private while one of the biggest advantages of using Snapchat is that the user can send messages anonymously, this messaging system allows you to send images to be erased in an estimated time.

Snapchat refuses to be sold

There have been many companies interested in purchasing the application however, its creators have refused to make the sale, they say that the idea of creating Snapchat was that the user could have a private environment where integrity is the most important thing and that’s what they have accomplished with the creation of Snapchat.

In addition, say that if they sell serious Snapchat by more than 1000 millions of dollars that way any company would buy it – with these statements the creators of Snapchat close the doors to any offer to purchase.

Advertising is very expensive in this app

The last time that was the price of the advertising information in Snapchat price was USD160 thousand dollars for 1 month of advertising this was criticized by many media since advertising experts claim that there is a way to measure the extent of the advertising in this application, but Snapchat refuses to lower price or to give explanations to the press They allege that explanations will be only provided to companies that decide to buy advertising.


Snapchat could be used for anonymous confessions in Islam

This might sound a little strange but according to reports from the daily some believers of the Christian faith is using the Snapchat application to make anonymous confessions, through this applications people can say what have been their sins and how much that are repented of having committed such acts.Snapchat could be used for anonymous confessions in Islam

For many psychologists this is a necessity for people since that way they manage to free themselves from a fault that can be loaded for a long time, the use of Snapchat for this type of confessions is proximally in young people aged 15 to 28.

This is not well seen by Islam

According to the believers of this faith, the kind of confession that is made by this application has no value before the eyes of “Wing” since it is something that is not stipulated in their beliefs and more a good deed, which see it as an insult to their religion. The application is free use in the East countries so far there has been no any type of lock for the application request although this does not mean that the possibility to some extent exercise to remove the application Snapchat of these countries there is.

Secrets infiltrate you that will never come to Allah or other gods

For some believers of this faith and technology professionals, thus send confessions to unknown via Snapchat is not a right way to do it because the person who sends it may be exposed to the other person identify his true identity and then extort money in Exchange for not to say nothing of his confession.

The best way to do this type of confessions is the way that has been done for more than 1000 years, since there is no irrigation of infiltrating the information on social networks or at least the risk will be much lower – claim professionals in these technologies.


Where access to the information and images that we got on Snapchat?

Perhaps you have wondered where the offense goes and images that are sent through Snapchat, this is a question that many people always have been made, by the creative company of Snapchat ensure that application not guard keeps no record of conversations nor any registration of shared images.Where access to the information and images that we got on Snapchat

However this is an unconvincing answer since although they claim that the application doesn’t have any information not images server if it can keep this information for a certain time, Snapchat servers do not have a geographic location reports and it is believed that they are in countries like Ireland.

Snapchat needs a backup

In case that a Government entity as it can be the FBI request a record of conversations by means of this application the company creator of Snapchat must have a register to deliver otherwise it may be involved in legal problems, that’s why it is highly likely this application to save the user or at least by a prudent time talks.

Servers are used to host the application and the information flowing in it, if there were no servers would be impossible to use Snapchat since it connects mediate you a database that recognizes the user and password for each person.

Snapchat could be selling information

Although this is something that has not been accepted by the company, there are people who say that Snapchat has sold confidential information this is a subject which has attacked other companies like Facebook where alleged that these companies sold information to global markets, and sometimes group alloyed to terrorism, though this is not information that this proven is something that people believed these platforms the best way to be sure is to use them in social way and never for personal matters.


Professor at Wetherby in legal trouble for using Snapchat

A professor at Wetherby has been suspended from work and subjected to a judicial process once you exchange pictures and intimate character message with a pupil at this school, the images were of a sexual nature according to the UK authorities explain it, this situation was generated from 15-year-old to request assistance to the teacher via a text message.

Professor at Wetherby in legal trouble for using Snapchat

How did everything happen?

According to an article published today by the BBC a professor from the school of Wetherby was sanctioned to the point that it had to leave their work at this school also faces legal charges for possession of sexual images of a minor of 15 years, it all started when the student sent him a message asking for help with a task, Professor answered saying that add you to the application of messaging called Snapchat.

Then she added it the teacher began to request images the girl the images which he called was image where she appeared nude, she agreed to send him the images then Exchange followed by other social networks to the extent that the Professor requested girl sexual favors by which the girl was forced to disclose the information with his parents who denounced the action of the teacher.

They also shared images via Facebook

One of the tools that are used to test that Professor used his position to harass the young student were images that they sent by Facebook also found compromising pictures of the teacher, this produced that you suspend this teacher called Mr. Van Loo.

This is one of the first cases in which a person faces legal problems using the Snapchat tool, which is proven, is not 100% anonymous and that should not be used for any type of private conversation.

Snapchat Apps:


Snapchat is one of the favourite applications from artists

The application of the “ghost” as many know it is one of the messaging applications most commonly used by the famous in Hollywood, this application allows users to have a high degree of confidentiality and anonymity is for that reason that anyone can use it without those others they know who he is.


It is known that artists like Justin Bieber use this application although the user with which you are connected is unknown, the application allows the artists are “normal people” because that can talk and share information so that not to attack them the media or by their fans.

Snapchat is more than a chat

The ease of sharing images and messages anonymously on this platform has attracted the attention of many famous, allowing them to talk to many people and seizing pass by a non-famous person, Snapchat also allows you to make all kinds of confessions anonymously, and for example, an artist can speak of another without having to show their identity.

Although it has no knowledge of how many artists in Hollywood they use this tool if you know that there are many who use it, since this tool is more secure than Whatsapp and including the iCloud, since no one can know what the user unless you say so.

Is Snapchat a secure platform?

Once the hackers entered the accounts of many artists exposing compromising images, anyone already trusts no platform however Snapchat provides the advantage of not save any image in the APP, not an opportunity users save images in his platform this is something that increases security, unlike other instant messaging applications, Snapchat is the only one that allows that anonymity is very high, by the moment Snapchat is one of the best app for anonymous chat in the market.


Kik app could be the competition of Snapchat

Snapchat has been the favourite application by the persons wishing to establish a private and anonymous conversation through text messaging; apparently, this is a business that leaves good profits, as there are other companies developing a similar application that is the case of Kik APP, which works, very similar to Snapchat.


This application is beginning to see more fans around the world since it allows to increase the level of privacy and anonymity, this application also allows users to change alias at any time something that is not possible with this Snapchat could be the K.O for the implementation of the “ghost”.

Snapchat works in updates

After be known the progress of this application in the market Snapchat creative company has decided to begin a career to keep first place and announced updates on the platform in order to provide greater security and anonymity users, on the other hand Snapchat is implemented a possible change of aliases in the users option, this provided the alias that you want to purchase this available.

The competition was evident

Snapchat was without competition for a long time on the market, this was one of the great advantages that had this application but when in 2014 has unveiled the large amounts of money that Snapchat won by concepts of advertising other companies have ventured into this type of market, in this way could have their “piece of the pie” thus creating a competition for Snapchat.

Competition is good

According to experts the fact that got competition for Snapchat forced the application to perform updates and best in the entire platform if you want to keep their millions of users, on the other hand Kik APP is deployed systems with much technology and anonymity which is being accepted at 100% for the users who want to use the most modern applications to Messaging.


How you can have thousands of friends on Snapchat and earn money from it

The idea of anonymity in Snapchat is one of the main reasons why users choose to download this application, also have recently created large communities where a leader share information to users this information is usually very interesting, for example there are people who have blogs where talking about UFOs and paranormal events.


These people may have thousands of friends who are really followers of publications that this person in your Snapchat account, they are usually published images with web links which lead to blogs with interesting and relevant information for users in addition shows not aggressive advertising to users, at the end the owner of the blog wins money by advertising that these users can see.

Which is the key to the success and have many friends?

Most importantly you is to have many friends in this type of niche is interesting information sharing, information that most pleases the users in this type of platforms is unexplained or paranormal events information, be sure to provide quality images and wording that encourages the user to read and excited about the stories or news you post.

Create anonymity is part of the scene

Anonymity allows users create on things that you love even if they do not exist, an example of this is the alleged apparitions of UFOs that some users have reported using their accounts, where very real images and a short but compelling story shows, this provokes curiosity among other users who have access to visit the blog and in some cases see advertising that there are some of the companies that you can use for this advertising time provided they are not aggressive or violent publications blogs is Google Adsense or another’s companies of EE.UU


How to use Snapchat in a safe manner

If you’re one of the people who use Snapchat daily we inform you that this tool is 100% private, i.e. There are methods to capture conversations and images that are sent using this application, using tools as simple as video capture either a capture of images are some of the ways in which “private” in social media conversations are by exposing in this article we will help you to understand more about privacy at Snapchat.


Are the messages truly private?

A good theory the answer is Yes! But this does not apply in all occasions since if you send a picture the other person could use a screen capturer to capture the image until it disappears entirely, usually images in Snapchat last 5 second that’s enough time to capture the image with this type of program, in many cases it is not necessary to download a program to capture the screen of your mobile phone, since pressing the button (reset + volume) this will make the mobile take a screenshot.

Avoid being exposed

The most important piece of advice is that you should avoid sending compromising images or messages that may jeopardize its integrity, try sharing pictures or conversations of this kind only with people you actually know and where you have high confidence, it is best that you refrain to the sending of such messages.

Snapchat is improving

Application is making great improvements so that the user has a higher security level, one of which Snapchat will be receiving updates is, avoid catches and screen through specialized programs in that, this will prevent to catch themselves at the time that the user receives the image, you have to remember that the security of you information ins part of your responsibility on internet.


How to download Snapchat for PC

Snapchat has become one of the applications more downloaded 2014 with over 100 million downloads this application has the number one place in your area, this application is mostly used in mobile but it is also the possibility of using an emulator for Android in this way can be used in a computer.


Snapchat for PC

In this article, we will show you as download Snapchat PC fast and easy, you will also keep the same confidentiality that has always had, simply must download an emulator and then configure the application from your PC.

Step by step guide

  • First you should do is acessar to then download the emulator for Android, download time may take up to 5 minutes depending on the speed of the internet you may have.

  • Once the download is complete, you should go to your downloads folder or to the folder where you downloaded the file, then you must click on the installation file named Bluestacks setup.

  • Then start the installation system will begin to automatically create everything, this process may take 10 minutes so be patient.

  • Once installed the emulator you must make configuration, as on a tablet, the operating system using this emulator is the 4.3.3 Android so you can install the latest version of Snapchat.

  • When installation and configuration are ready, you should enter the application of Google Play tent from the emulator, download Snapchat to on your mobile, the system requested the same configuration, and that way you will have installed Snapchat on your computer easily and without having to download complicated programs or create virtual machines with virtual box.

At the end of Snapchat to use remember to turn off session in this way avoid that other people can enter to your account.

Snapchat Apps:


Cheats for Snapchat learn to hack

Cheats for Snapchat. Perhaps you have wondered how it is that some people manage to capture images in Snapchat or conversations since this application is highly anonymous however there are easy ways that you can “hack” conversations in this application and don’t need to be a technology expert to succeed.

Cheats for Snapchat

snapchat hack

Rather the ways in which you can get pictures or conversations is the old way, I mean using the basic command from your mobile phone or with a free application, is for that reason and for the purpose of protection for the user to provide some tricks to capture images at Snapchat.

Using screen capture

One of the easiest ways to capture an image or conversation is using a screen capturer either with an application or with the basic elements of the mobile, for example, you can capture the screen of your mobile phone by pressing the following buttons (volume down + reset) although this depends on the mobile phone that you have.

It can also capture by means of an application, these application to capture screen are free at Google Play, Apple Store or any store depending on your operating system.

Using an Android emulator

Another of the more sophisticated ways of capturing a conversation by means of video, is using an emulator for Android, that way you can use Snapchat on your PC and capture the ACE and whole conversation through a video capture box as it can be CAMTACIA, this is a techniques that more is currently being used since it allows the user to capture total combination so that the other user is completely exposed.

Snapchat is a very good APP that’s tour but it is a App made with code as any other APP so in that way you can hack it from different ways, because Snapchat I not a magical APP.

Snapchat Apps: