How to use Snapchat in a safe manner

If you’re one of the people who use Snapchat daily we inform you that this tool is 100% private, i.e. There are methods to capture conversations and images that are sent using this application, using tools as simple as video capture either a capture of images are some of the ways in which “private” in social media conversations are by exposing in this article we will help you to understand more about privacy at Snapchat.


Are the messages truly private?

A good theory the answer is Yes! But this does not apply in all occasions since if you send a picture the other person could use a screen capturer to capture the image until it disappears entirely, usually images in Snapchat last 5 second that’s enough time to capture the image with this type of program, in many cases it is not necessary to download a program to capture the screen of your mobile phone, since pressing the button (reset + volume) this will make the mobile take a screenshot.

Avoid being exposed

The most important piece of advice is that you should avoid sending compromising images or messages that may jeopardize its integrity, try sharing pictures or conversations of this kind only with people you actually know and where you have high confidence, it is best that you refrain to the sending of such messages.

Snapchat is improving

Application is making great improvements so that the user has a higher security level, one of which Snapchat will be receiving updates is, avoid catches and screen through specialized programs in that, this will prevent to catch themselves at the time that the user receives the image, you have to remember that the security of you information ins part of your responsibility on internet.