Kik app could be the competition of Snapchat

Snapchat has been the favourite application by the persons wishing to establish a private and anonymous conversation through text messaging; apparently, this is a business that leaves good profits, as there are other companies developing a similar application that is the case of Kik APP, which works, very similar to Snapchat.


This application is beginning to see more fans around the world since it allows to increase the level of privacy and anonymity, this application also allows users to change alias at any time something that is not possible with this Snapchat could be the K.O for the implementation of the “ghost”.

Snapchat works in updates

After be known the progress of this application in the market Snapchat creative company has decided to begin a career to keep first place and announced updates on the platform in order to provide greater security and anonymity users, on the other hand Snapchat is implemented a possible change of aliases in the users option, this provided the alias that you want to purchase this available.

The competition was evident

Snapchat was without competition for a long time on the market, this was one of the great advantages that had this application but when in 2014 has unveiled the large amounts of money that Snapchat won by concepts of advertising other companies have ventured into this type of market, in this way could have their “piece of the pie” thus creating a competition for Snapchat.

Competition is good

According to experts the fact that got competition for Snapchat forced the application to perform updates and best in the entire platform if you want to keep their millions of users, on the other hand Kik APP is deployed systems with much technology and anonymity which is being accepted at 100% for the users who want to use the most modern applications to Messaging.