Professor at Wetherby in legal trouble for using Snapchat

A professor at Wetherby has been suspended from work and subjected to a judicial process once you exchange pictures and intimate character message with a pupil at this school, the images were of a sexual nature according to the UK authorities explain it, this situation was generated from 15-year-old to request assistance to the teacher via a text message.

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Professor at Wetherby in legal trouble for using Snapchat

How did everything happen?

According to an article published today by the BBC a professor from the school of Wetherby was sanctioned to the point that it had to leave their work at this school also faces legal charges for possession of sexual images of a minor of 15 years, it all started when the student sent him a message asking for help with a task, Professor answered saying that add you to the application of messaging called Snapchat.

Then she added it the teacher began to request images the girl the images which he called was image where she appeared nude, she agreed to send him the images then Exchange followed by other social networks to the extent that the Professor requested girl sexual favors by which the girl was forced to disclose the information with his parents who denounced the action of the teacher.

They also shared images via Facebook

One of the tools that are used to test that Professor used his position to harass the young student were images that they sent by Facebook also found compromising pictures of the teacher, this produced that you suspend this teacher called Mr. Van Loo.

This is one of the first cases in which a person faces legal problems using the Snapchat tool, which is proven, is not 100% anonymous and that should not be used for any type of private conversation.