Snapchat becomes one of the most commonly used chat

This is one of the most frequently used applications from the year 2014 and is that the privacy provided by Snapchat allows the user to be in a more secure environment but it is not 100% private since there are some techniques that can capture images or conversations you have using this tool.

Snapchat becomes one of the most commonly used chat

With more than 100 million downloads Snapchat has become a fad mainly in teen people which want to have a system of quality messaging and private while one of the biggest advantages of using Snapchat is that the user can send messages anonymously, this messaging system allows you to send images to be erased in an estimated time.

Snapchat refuses to be sold

There have been many companies interested in purchasing the application however, its creators have refused to make the sale, they say that the idea of creating Snapchat was that the user could have a private environment where integrity is the most important thing and that’s what they have accomplished with the creation of Snapchat.

In addition, say that if they sell serious Snapchat by more than 1000 millions of dollars that way any company would buy it – with these statements the creators of Snapchat close the doors to any offer to purchase.

Advertising is very expensive in this app

The last time that was the price of the advertising information in Snapchat price was USD160 thousand dollars for 1 month of advertising this was criticized by many media since advertising experts claim that there is a way to measure the extent of the advertising in this application, but Snapchat refuses to lower price or to give explanations to the press They allege that explanations will be only provided to companies that decide to buy advertising.