Snapchat could be used for anonymous confessions in Islam

This might sound a little strange but according to reports from the daily some believers of the Christian faith is using the Snapchat application to make anonymous confessions, through this applications people can say what have been their sins and how much that are repented of having committed such acts.

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Snapchat could be used for anonymous confessions in Islam

For many psychologists this is a necessity for people since that way they manage to free themselves from a fault that can be loaded for a long time, the use of Snapchat for this type of confessions is proximally in young people aged 15 to 28.

This is not well seen by Islam

According to the believers of this faith, the kind of confession that is made by this application has no value before the eyes of “Wing” since it is something that is not stipulated in their beliefs and more a good deed, which see it as an insult to their religion. The application is free use in the East countries so far there has been no any type of lock for the application request although this does not mean that the possibility to some extent exercise to remove the application Snapchat of these countries there is.

Secrets infiltrate you that will never come to Allah or other gods

For some believers of this faith and technology professionals, thus send confessions to unknown via Snapchat is not a right way to do it because the person who sends it may be exposed to the other person identify his true identity and then extort money in Exchange for not to say nothing of his confession.

The best way to do this type of confessions is the way that has been done for more than 1000 years, since there is no irrigation of infiltrating the information on social networks or at least the risk will be much lower – claim professionals in these technologies.