Snapchat is one of the favourite applications from artists

The application of the “ghost” as many know it is one of the messaging applications most commonly used by the famous in Hollywood, this application allows users to have a high degree of confidentiality and anonymity is for that reason that anyone can use it without those others they know who he is.

Snapchat Downloads


It is known that artists like Justin Bieber use this application although the user with which you are connected is unknown, the application allows the artists are “normal people” because that can talk and share information so that not to attack them the media or by their fans.

Snapchat is more than a chat

The ease of sharing images and messages anonymously on this platform has attracted the attention of many famous, allowing them to talk to many people and seizing pass by a non-famous person, Snapchat also allows you to make all kinds of confessions anonymously, and for example, an artist can speak of another without having to show their identity.

Although it has no knowledge of how many artists in Hollywood they use this tool if you know that there are many who use it, since this tool is more secure than Whatsapp and including the iCloud, since no one can know what the user unless you say so.

Is Snapchat a secure platform?

Once the hackers entered the accounts of many artists exposing compromising images, anyone already trusts no platform however Snapchat provides the advantage of not save any image in the APP, not an opportunity users save images in his platform this is something that increases security, unlike other instant messaging applications, Snapchat is the only one that allows that anonymity is very high, by the moment Snapchat is one of the best app for anonymous chat in the market.