Where access to the information and images that we got on Snapchat?

Perhaps you have wondered where the offense goes and images that are sent through Snapchat, this is a question that many people always have been made, by the creative company of Snapchat ensure that application not guard keeps no record of conversations nor any registration of shared images.

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Where access to the information and images that we got on Snapchat

However this is an unconvincing answer since although they claim that the application doesn’t have any information not images server if it can keep this information for a certain time, Snapchat servers do not have a geographic location reports and it is believed that they are in countries like Ireland.

Snapchat needs a backup

In case that a Government entity as it can be the FBI request a record of conversations by means of this application the company creator of Snapchat must have a register to deliver otherwise it may be involved in legal problems, that’s why it is highly likely this application to save the user or at least by a prudent time talks.

Servers are used to host the application and the information flowing in it, if there were no servers would be impossible to use Snapchat since it connects mediate you a database that recognizes the user and password for each person.

Snapchat could be selling information

Although this is something that has not been accepted by the company, there are people who say that Snapchat has sold confidential information this is a subject which has attacked other companies like Facebook where alleged that these companies sold information to global markets, and sometimes group alloyed to terrorism, though this is not information that this proven is something that people believed these platforms the best way to be sure is to use them in social way and never for personal matters.